Wire wiring

Wire wiring – it’s an art of working with a wire. It’s a special local art which have its origin in Slovakia. Later it was taken to the world and now it is wide-spreaded (mainly its jewellery-making part).

This is only little presentation of my work on my English teaching page I did for you. I had a facebook site but I never did wiring my full-time business so the FC site doesn’t exist anymore.

Here are some examples of my work:

And here are examples of high-professional works

Reasons for not making it a business which I see now:

  • I tried to do everything by myself (making art, taking good photos, internet presentation, pricing, delivery system, accountancy, communication). Most of these topics I needed to study from scratch and the art itself took hours. It takes hours to design and make a good piece of wired art.
  • I tried learn all these things above from free internet source and I was so overwhelmed with all the information I found.
  • I didn’t really have money to pay for anything and invest in the start of the business so I ended up doing everything by myself using free sources which was not a good idea at all
  • I didn’t ask enough money for my art
  • I wanted to make art main source of my income which is difficult here in Slovakia.

I didn’t succeed. I learnt a lot throughout the process but I never started a real wired art business.

I went back to teaching. And I started doing things step by step, one by one. Not all at once. I saw the teaching itself is not enough. Students didn’t study by themselves. I myself wanted to study another language. I started explore the world of polyglots and I started to learn effective language learning techniques from them. Again, free sources. It felt like I got wings to fly.

I gained enough experience with teaching, I learnt a lot about langugage learning and I started not only teach my students but also implement it in my business unofficial coaching on how to learn languages. The results were amazing. I could see a progress in my students life which is a huge motivation.

I have never see myself as long-life teacher. I started teaching English because the best way how to learn something is to teach it. So, discovering this coaching part was really good step for me.

But when I wanted to take it to the next level I knew I have to study at least FC ads, a bit of marketing and online courses management. At some point of my business I had to pay more attention to these things. I started for a few times to study these things but I was simply lost in the amount of information I found. I think I did the same mistake repeatedly – free sources to learn.

I managed to make my own website with the help of one book and paid manuals. And if I had some problems with the website, plugins and so on, I was able to resolve them either by myself or with support team of domain and hosting. I never did SEO though.

The difficult I do immediately, the impossible takes me a little longer!